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History of Sheraton Pelikan Hannover Hotel

History of Sheraton Pelikan Design Hotel Hannover

A fountain pen that writes story

Until today, the classic Pelikan pen is considered to be a writing culture's "jewel". In the holy halls of its formation, today Sheraton Hanover Pelikan Hotel is situated. The official date of foundation is the 28 of April 1838. The chemist Carl Hornemann started for the first time to produce artist's colors and painting materials himself in order to sell them in his little shop in the historic district of Hanover.


In 1863, the chemist Günter Wagner acquires the company. To mark all his products clearly, Wagner puts his family crest - the pelican - on all products and registers it officially as one of the first trademarks of Germany. The company's continuous boom begins with the joining of the merchant Fritz Beindorff. Ink, watercolours and glue gain worldwide appreciation.


In 1894 the rooms at the Engelbosteler Damm become too narrow and a new building is constructed. The Pelikan - Complex at the Podbielski Street now accommodates 1000 employees.


In 1901, already 236 employees are engaged and the turnover amounts to more than 1 million Reichsmark. 


1929 is the birth of the Pelikan Pen, the legendary black and green striped classic, which until today also is named "Stresemann".


In 1945 Pelikan resumes production and has a great share in the economic increase of the years 1959 to 1975. The "Stresemann" pen experiences his rebirth and lays the foundation for the exclusive special model series "originals of their time". Since 1960, the legendary ink pen assists the pupils in the schools in learning how to write. Who doesn't know him, the blue "Pelikano".


In 1978, Pelikan changes into a joint-stock company. Today, the Pelikan Holding Sdn Bhd Malaysia is the company's controlling shareholder. The Pelikan Holding is internationally specialized in the production of office equipment. 


Until 2003 this architecturally succeeded group of buildings was the administrative center in a newly created district, which was named after this tradition company of Hanover: the Pelikan - District whose center today is Sheraton Hanover Pelikan Hotel.


But it seems as if they aren't forgotten, when you imagine, while drinking a cocktail and having a look at the 7m high ceiling, that the pen, - with which maybe you as well learned how to write - was produced here.

Our Hotel

Where in former times was manually written with the pens, today 147 hotel rooms are situated. Nowadays, the old ink cellar hosts the Restaurant 5th Avenue and in the former boiler house today is Harry's New-York Bar.